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26 konferencja
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Aula Leopoldina (photo S. Klimek)
The sessions of the 26th International Conference on Privacy and Personal Data Protection will be held at the Wroclaw University - at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy. The Conference opening and closing ceremonies will take place in Aula Leopoldina (Leopoldine Hall) - the most beautiful interior of the main building of the Wroclaw University. Aula Leopoldina is filled with baroque paintings by Christoph Handke, sculptures by Franz Joseph Mangoldt and numerous mouldings and chiselled decorations.
The beginnings of the University's activity date back to the 17th century when the emperor Leopold I gave the Jesuit College a former royal castle and consent to build a new building. The inauguration of activity of the Leopoldine Academy took place in 1702. In 1811 it was transformed into a university. In 1945 the Polish Wroclaw University began its activity.
The baroque building of the Wroclaw University is one of the most characteristic accents of the Wroclaw Old Town. The portico of the main entrance to the building of the University is decorated with the figures of Justice, Bravery, Wisdom and Moderation. There is a Mathematical Tower above this portico. On four corners of this tower the statues were placed which personify four faculties: Theology, Philosophy, Medicine and Law.
Wroclaw University (photo S. Klimek)

New building of the Wroclaw University
Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy
(photo S. Klimek)
In 2002 the Wroclaw University celebrated the 300th anniversary of its founding. This anniversary was a great opportunity for academic community to recall a cultural and intellectual heritage of the European nations. Within the past 300 years of existence of the University, this heritage had been shaping its character, traditions and customs. Moreover, this anniversary was a suitable occasion to present the University's involvement for the benefit of humanistic ideals of openness, tolerance, peace and understanding between nations which are manifested in its history and to promote the idea of complete comeback of the renewed Republic of Poland to Europe.

Currently, the University is educating almost 45 000 students in 28 specialisations within the framework of 8 faculties, including students from 26 countries of the world who attend the classes held in English.
Over 100 000 students have graduated from the Polish University in Wroclaw so far. The university maintains close relations with more than 30 foreign universities and fulfils the role of the bridge between the East and the West to a greater and greater extent. The Wroclaw University initiated innovative teaching methods, including the International Summer School. The aim of the latter is to build and promote new European identity and to establish close relations between European nations, both those being and not being members of the European Union, by means of personal contacts between young people studying together.
New building of the Wroclaw University,
Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy
(photo S. M. Nowacki)